Causes of Poverty: Myths, Facts and Policies, by Arsenio M. Balisacan and Shigeaki Fujisaki, Editors

Causes of Poverty: Myths, Facts and Policies
Arsenio M. Balisacan and Shigeaki Fujisaki, Editors

Causes of Poverty is an interesting and carefully written 240 page book which gives a front seat view of poverty and economic development issues for millions of families in the Philippines. The authors are Professors of Economics at the University of the Philippines, with illustrious biographies in Economics for the Philippines and developing nations.

This book is an excellent study with tables, charts, and scores of references, which discusses poverty and growth in perceptive detail. For example, the incidence of poverty is compared across Asian countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Viet Nam, analyzing and drawing conclusions on international practices. Real per capita incomes and national poverty lines are compared and contrasted, as well as HDI (Human Development Index) and HPI (Human Poverty Index), and other indices.

Economic reform efforts are discussed as means of reducing poverty, with national examples, and a “virtuous circle of consumption and production’ as one method of economic development. Effects of globalization and international trade on national growth and labor are discussed in separate chapters. Effects of education policy, and local government activities are also analyzed in detail.

The contents of Causes of Poverty: Myths, Facts and Policies are the following:

1. Arsenio M. Balisacan, ‘What do we really know – or don’t know – about economic inequality and poverty in the Philippines?’

2. Solita Collas-Monsod & Toby C. Monsod, ‘International and intranational comparisons of Philippine poverty’

3. Shigeaki Fujisaki, ‘Complementarity, linkages and economic development’

4. Raul V. Fabella, ‘Globalization, poverty and inequality’

5. Dante B. Canlas, ‘Labor’s income share in the Philippines’

6. Edita A. Tan, ‘Measuring poverty in education’

7. Ruperto P. Alonzo, ‘Local governance and poverty alleviation’

Causes of Poverty is a thoughtful book, well expressed with carefully researched conclusions. This book is an asset for any reader.

By David Hoicka


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