About David Hoicka

David Hoicka is a Senior Executive and Advisor for innovative affordable housing and social housing programs in the USA and internationally. He has extensive experience on affordable housing and community development, including managing and teaching large multi-site HUD supported housing programs nationally across the USA and internationally.

David specializes in low income housing, its construction and financial management. Applying multicultural and international best practices to enhance affordable housing, he has worked on programs in excess of USD $100 million each, creating and/or managing low income housing and community development programs for more than 10,000 families each.

David Hoicka has reviewed and advised on development of a new town costing about $3.46 billion for about 100,000 mixed income residents including 10,000 units of affordable homeownership units. He is involved in creative designs for affordable housing which are green, sustainable and energy efficient economic revitalization; strategic planning, policy development, and project management and finance, relating to multiple stakeholders at all levels.

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